How to Use Your Poker Calculator as a Personal Coach


I have personally coached the players in their quests for better sit and go and multi-table tournaments online, and due to the enormous time constraints, it’s simply not workable. However, most of the requests come from players who may be more economical and efficient. The poker coach they may already have. The solution would be to be using their poker calculator.

If you can play poker properly, learn your opponent’s profile, don’t call a raise with a dominated hand, and pay attention to your stack size and your opponent’s 퍼스트카지노.

Well in case you haven’t heard, that’s exactly what some poker calculators are capable of! It’s just that many of the owners of poker calculators want a “magic indicator” to solve all their difficult situations, and can’t do that, but in reality neither can a live coach either.

This is the underlying learning curve of poker in that the rules, hand strength, betting, game structure and even probabilities are going to come up to time and time again so that you learn an inherent scientific guide to the game. However, the critical decisions game came from a deeper corner of your poker mind that may involve a lot more intuitive perception and emotional control.

Not coaching or poker calculators can help you with that, but playing can. Playing enough so that you start to think of different levels and become better than your coach. Better than the tools you use. Sure you can always touch the base with your poker, or subtle reminder of what kind of player you are up against, but often, as you can, on your own, to do on your own own, and grow as a player on your own.

So before you really think you need some personal coaching, make sure you have exhausted your poker calculator and understand your own limitations. You are probably reading better than another poker book.

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